Back-To-School Apple For The Teacher


Forget the old standbys for teacher gifts…this year why not do something fun and different? We have a delicious selection of gifts especially for teachers, featuring our red and green apple flavored fortune cookies. There’s a wide range of prices too: • a teacher themed mug with six gourmet cookies for $14.97 • our Applelicious […]

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Live An Exciting Life… Through the Eyes of a Fortune Cookie

Doesn't look too comfy, but I wouldn't wake up any other way.

Do you wake up excited? I sincerely hope so… It doesn’t have to be “big” things that wake you up and drive your feet to hit the ground, ready to attack the day. It’s little things. Little is big in todays culture, despite what mass media wants us to believe. They’re wrong. Things that excite […]

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We Just Baked Half A Million Fortune Cookies!


You read that right…500,000 scrumptious fortune cookies, all for our client, Moorehead Communications, the company who manages all Verizon retail stores. While we routinely do large wholesale orders that are sent ‘round the world, this was the largest one in awhile. The logistics alone are staggering, but we’re up to the task. Trust me, that’s […]

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