Fun Fortune Cookie Games

While people seem to be winning the lotto every time you turn around by using the lucky numbers from the back of their fortune cookie fortunes, fortune cookies aren’t just used to “predict the future” or dispense useless wisdom anymore.

Here are some less traditional but fun uses for fortune cookie fortunes. If you have any fun ideas or ways to use fortune cookies, post them! We love hearing your ideas!

If you aren’t familiar with the common joke of adding words or phrases to the end of your fortune to make it more interesting, here are some fun ones to try next time you go out for Chinese food. Add to the end of your fortune cookie message …”in bed.” With all the lame fortunes out there it really spices things up.

You are heading for a land of sunshine. (In bed!)
You should be able to make money and hold on to it. (In bed!)

Some other ones that work sometimes are adding to the end of your fortunes phrase like “in golf” “in the bathroom” and “in politics.” Honestly, “in bed” is the MOST entertaining.

Fortune cookies make great ice breakers. Imagine a party or mixer situation where fortune cookie fortunes are used to cause debate, create discussion and stimulate conversation. Might be fun! They could be light-hearted, serious, authentic, political, debatable, sexual or fabricated. Anything to create buzz and get people talking.

Most recently fortune cookies have been delivering bad news instead of just useless advice. You can get xxx fortune cookies, politicians use them which makes the easy transition to fortune cookies for dogs… Not much difference there after all.

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