Cute Fortune Cookies for Kids

Here is a story I received from a customer earlier today. I really think it’s a great idea for any kind of kids party, especially birthday parties and class parties. Well, she can tell you better than I can!

Thank you for the wonderful personalized Cherry flavored fortune cookies.
My story: We adopted our daughter from China April 2005. On February 8, 2008 it was her 4th birthday which this year happened to be the day after Chinese New Year started (2/7/08). I asked if I could do a Chinese New Year/Birthday party for her preschool class.
I made cupcakes, used red sprinkles and gold flakes to decorate the icing, then placed a custom fortune cookie on top of each cupcake.
Most of these 3 & 4 year olds did not even know what the fortune cookie was, we had to show them how to break it open and NOT TO EAT THE PAPER inside, it was their fortune. It was a good learning adventure for all of us.
Thank you for your time and efforts. I have attached a picture of the cupcakes.

Krista Krobath

So keep custom fortune cookies in mind for upcoming kids birthdays, and end of school parties! Kids LOVE or gourmet fruit fortune cookie flavors.

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