Giving To A Good Cause

Every year for my birthday I always do something nice for myself. Go get a massage, or pedicure or just buy something for myself that I really, really want.

This year I was inspired by Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of The Wind, to do something a little different. Because of his efforts to raise a little awareness and a little money for a great cause I am thinking globally instead of selfishly and giving a donation to the Heifer Project

chickenlarge-772548_I love the idea of really doing something to help the world, and purchasing a couple of goats, a dozen chickens or a cow for some families in need of food – one of the basic nessesities of life – puts my life in perspective and helps me realize just how easy my life is.

So from now until Christmas, for each giant Christmas or Hanukkah fortune cookie purchased, I will donate an additional $10.00 to the Heifer Project – consider it my good fortune giant fortune cookie Christmas coupon to the world!

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