Use Fortune Cookies on Chinese New Year in Your School

Get your students to interact and learn about Chinese culture.

Get your students to interact and learn about Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to share other cultures and broaden the horizons of your students. Especially your elementary school kids. Using personalized fortune cookies is a fun way to get the kids to interact and learn about their fellow students with Chinese heritage and the Chinese New Year is the perfect time to do this.

You can have fortune cookie messages that encourage your students to do their best, or messages that share interesting facts about China and Chinese culture. Have your students read their facts or personalized fortune cookie messages aloud and talk about what the message means to them.

Teachers are always looking for new ways to interact with their students, and this year we have had many schools order custom fortune cookies to pass out at Chinese New Year.

At Fancy Fortune Cookies we maintain a nut free facility and only deal with nut free suppliers so that we can provide you with a safe, tastey and fun product for your children and students. Our gourmet fortune cookies do contain flour and eggs however, so do be aware of those allergies.

Here are some fortune cookie messages to consider for your students this Chinese New Year:

You have a great mind.

You are a hard working winner.

You are smart & have good luck.

You are very intelligent.

You always figure things out.

Ice cream was invented in China around 2000 BC.

China is the fourth largest country in the world.

The Chinese year is based on the cycle of the moon – This is called a lunar calendar.

The Chinese calendar is the oldest known calendar in the world.

Each year in the Chinese calendar is represented by one of 12 animals.

Chinese New Year is January 26th, 2009. The Year of the Ox.

Fortune cookies were originally used to announce the time and place of an uprising among patriots.

Red is considered a lucky color in China.

These are just some basic suggestions on what you can use for your personalized fortune cookie messages this Chinese New Year.

Parents in charge of snack time should consider these a fun alternative to normal school snacks.

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