50 Custom Fortune Cookies Winner

Hi Facebook Fans and Fancy Fortune Cookies Fans!

Get 50 custom fortune cookies in the flavor & color of your choice for only $32.50!

Thank you all for the amazing replies to our custom fortune cookie giveaway last week! We really appreciate all your thoughts, comments, photos, and for being great fans!

Last Wednesday – November 10th – we asked you:

“If you received 50 custom fortune cookies for free, what flavor would you want? Who would you share them with? and What would you like them to say? One lucky person will get 50 FREE custom fortune cookies!”

Our “What would you do Wednesday?” got great responses and we chose a winner through random.org for the 50 custom fortune cookies!

We discovered that  our Fancy Fortune Cookies have the power to turn even the unluckiest number, Lucky! The winner is post number unlucky 13!!!!!

Here was Becky Rodriguez’s wish:

“If I won 50 fortune cookies I would probably just want assorted flavors and I would send some to my grandma who recently moved into assisted living just so she knew that we are all thinking of her!! And i would want them to say I miss you, I love you, and thinking of you!!”

Congratulations Becky! And look for our next chance to win to be posted soon!

If you aren’t a Fancy Fortune Cookies Facebook fan already, you can join us there by clicking here. We have special offers and discounts that are exclusive to our fanpage. Also, we have chances to win FREE fortune cookies every week.

Happy Crunching! And thank you for all the great replies to our “What Would You Do Wednesday!”

Fancy Fortune Cookies just made the number 13 Lucky!

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