Deluxe Fancy Fortune Cookie Sampler Winner!

WOW! We are WAAAYYYYY late in posting our winner from November 17th’s What would you do Wednesday….

Win a Deluxe Fancy Fortune Cookie Sampler filled with 65 of our gourmet fortune cookies! What would you do Wednesday – If you won, who would you share the delicious variety of our famous flavored fortune cookies with? Would you make people to anything silly or crazy to get one? Leave your comment below to be entered to win. Good Luck!

Along with the Thanksgiving holidays and the holiday gift season, we have all been feeling a little bit like Lucy & Ethel!!!!

Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory....

Yep, cookies everywhere! Chocolate everwhere and SOON there will be CARAMEL everywhere 😉

There we are, working away, stuffing fortune cookies in our mouths, in our shirts and boxing them up and shipping them out…… Okay, so we aren’t really stuffing any cookies in our shirts, but we are a bit on the busy side.

Without further ado! Our winner is number: 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the past 2 giveaways it’s paid to comment FAST. Congratulations Kristin Cozad Podelnyk!!!!! Email me erin(at)fancyfortunecookies(dot)com with your address and we will get it right out to you. Can’t wait to see photos of the silly things you make your husband do for fortune cookies! 🙂

Here’s the photographic proof of randomness, and the winner gets one of our amazing Deluxe Samplers!

The winner Kristin Cozad Podelnyk

3 thoughts on “Deluxe Fancy Fortune Cookie Sampler Winner!

  1. If I where to win, I would make a Christmas tree out of the fortune cookies and my kids and husband could pick one a day, which would bring me to my 7th year of being breast cancer free!!

  2. If i won i would share it with my family because i would not want them to miss out on the flavor ,and Heavenly goodness of your fortune cookies. Would i make them say crazy things id probably make them do my laundry and get ine ,but other than that No ,i like to share things and even when i dont have much i still try ,so i think i deserve to win because i do so much for people as young as i am (14) and i think it would be an honor to get the Fancy Fortune Cookies that i heard so much about.

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