Heat Wave Spurs Delicious Innovation

Here in Indiana the long, hot summer is in full swing…or should we say droop? At this time of year we must insist on shipping chocolate dipped fortune cookies via overnight shipping using special packaging to keep our gourmet cookies in perfect condition. (And all year long when they’re sent to hot places like Florida.) This year we decided to do something besides crank up the AC.

Our resident Mad Inventor, Mike Fry, has been busy standing over pots of melting caramels and developing a recipe for caramel dipped fortune cookies that won’t melt and can be safely shipped by the usual methods, so there are no extra shipping costs. How sweet is that?

Glad you asked. Turns out that caramel dipping is a luscious taste partner for many of our flavored fortune cookies. We’ve selected a dozen different flavors that we’re going to offer, but to start, you can try one of these seven taste treats:

Caramel Dipped Pumpkin Pie Fortune Cookies

A match made in taste bud heaven! When you combine the homemade goodness of pumpkin pie with luscious caramel what do you get? A union of two flavors that are destined to delight. Our pumpkin pie cookie is already a Fall favorite, evoking memories of fun treats and holidays. It’s so truly pumpkinesque that you’ll think you’re having the real thing, complete with dashes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Now with caramel dipping it’s even more special.

Caramel Dipped Red Apple Fortune Cookies

What could be more perfect—these rich red cookies taste like real apples with a sweet flavor and also a hint of tartness. Dip them in rich caramel coating and you have gourmet fortune cookies that evoke fond memories of Fall festivals and autumn outings. We’re offering caramel dipping on selected flavors, but this awesome version may well be the “killer app”…er, apple! A classic combo sure to delight everyone who gets to taste one.

Caramel Dipped Green Apple Fortune Cookies

These bright green cookies are just as sweet as our red apple variety, but are a bit milder. Either way, you’re sure to score high marks with everyone who gets to enjoy one of these beautiful cookies dipped in mouth watering caramel. A classic combo destined to delight.

Caramel Dipped Banana Fortune Cookies

Now here’s a fun spin on a classic treat—take our already delectable banana flavored cookie, add the luxurious layer of caramel dipping and you have a terrific new twosome. Each crunchy cookie is permeated with subtle banana flavor and would add tropical flair to any party or event. From the second you open the cellophane wrapper, a burst of island sunshine greets you, and the yellow cookie looks fabulous in it’s shiny new coating.

Caramel Dipped Raspberry Fortune Cookies

While this combo may not be an obvious choice, that’s the point—this unique pairing offers a special taste treat that’s both delicious and unexpected. Imagine subtle, sweet berryness smothered in luscious, mouth watering caramel. In our 23 years of baking cookies we’ve pioneered flavored and colored fortune cookies, but these new caramel dipped delights may be our best innovation yet. Once you try this fabulous new flavor friendship we think you’ll agree. This crunchy, gourmet cookie is shockingly pink but subtly raspberry in taste. Women especially love this delicate flavor, and it complements virtually any menu.

Caramel Dipped Cherry Fortune Cookies

There’s nothing like a glorious red cherry fortune cookie to cheer you up and remind you of the summer harvest of sweet cherries—unless it’s our brand new caramel dipped cherry cookie. What a dynamic duo—and stunningly glam, too. Adding thick, rich caramel to these already wonderful gourmet cookies is almost too much goodness to contemplate—almost—but we’re doing it anyway. Join the fun and try one of our most popular flavors now in a sassy new version.

Caramel Dipped Orange Fortune Cookies

Orange is the quintessential color of summer—and one of our most popular fortune cookie flavors. Now that we’ve added shiny caramel coating, they’re even more dazzling to behold—and even better to taste. When you first open the cellophane wrapping that each cookie comes in, you’ll sniff the aroma of orange trees in bloom. Then when you bite into one of these sunshiny delights, each crunchy morsel will give you a burst of orangey goodness—sweet yet tangy, and no messy pulp. Now orange and caramel flavor team up to create an unexpected but rewarding union of deliciousness.

So get ready to enjoy a fabulous new carmelicious idea, available only from Fancy Fortune Cookies. of course, this makes us wonder what next winter’s inevitable deep freeze will inspire!

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