Business Prosperity Fortunes And New Year Wishes

Here are some ideas for New Years fortunes to send to your clients or your own team members.

• Happy New Year from everyone at the [Acme Company]. Keep on making those great [widgets]!
• The future looks brighter every day, so put on your sunglasses for 2012!
• We at the [Acme Company] are here to continue our support of your business dreams.
• We believe all good things come to those who never give up!
• The [Acme Company] appreciates your business—continued success in 2012.
• We predict your business will grow and thrive in 2012.
• Success is within your reach in 2012, so go for it!
• We foresee many opportunities unfolding for you in 2012.
• We predict great things for everyone in our company in 2012
• Your life will overflow with abundant prosperity in 2012.
• Fire up your enthusiasm, it’s the Chinese Year of the Dragon!
• Celebrate the fresh slate and all that you will write upon it in the coming year.
• Right now there is so much possibility in the air—breathe it in!
• How will you make the world a better place in 2012?
• We celebrate all our valued team members at the [Acme Company].
• Dream something BIG and dare something NEW in 2012.

Need help with special fortunes or with ordering? Give us a call……we’ll be happy to help! 888-776-6611, option 0.

2 thoughts on “Business Prosperity Fortunes And New Year Wishes

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in getting the pricing for 100 fortune cookies for out company employees. Please let me know what the price would be for red fortune cookies with

    Success is within your reach in 2013, so make it EPIC!

  2. Hi Kathy!

    Thank you for posting your question. If you are doing 100 red fortune cookies with a single message, the charge will be $58 plus ground shipping of about $9.00. That covers everything. You can actually do up to 5 different fortunes, but one is perfectly fine too.

    Please let me know how else I can help,

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