It’s Already Berry Season In The Bakery

It’s been a warm spring here in Indy, and it’s already berry season. (Of course we bake our gourmet berry flavored fortune cookies all year round, but they seem especially suited to this time of year.) Our four berry flavors are among our most popular, and for good reason—they taste like the real thing. We use only the freshest ingredients in our fabulous fortune cookies, and you really can taste the difference.

Give them a try at an early summer party and dazzle your guests with your clever dessert favors. Choose from luscious strawberry, ripe raspberry, tangy blueberry or our sweet black raspberry for an exotic black cookie. Enjoy them unadorned or dip them in your choice of fine Belgian chocolate: white, milk or decadent dark. We’ll roll them in your choice of colorful sprinkles or go really wild and drizzle them with a contrasting flavor of chocolate. Whichever version you order, your custom made fortune cookies are sure to delight your guests.

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