Orange Cookies Anyone?

During this hot summer we’re craving something refreshing, and orange cookies sound perfect. While we also bake delicious lemon, fruit punch and many luscious berry flavors, there’s a good reason why orange is our most popular flavored fortune cookie. They simply taste great. Like all our gourmet cookies, these are baked with only the finest freshest ingredients. We don’t store them for months on end in some dusty warehouse—they’re handmade with love for your order in our Indiana bakery.

There are lots of enticing ways to enjoy orange fortune cookies, too. Plain sounds well, too plain, but undipped cookies are yummy as is. Or how about dipping them in our fine Belgian chocolate? Pick from dark, milk or white chocolate, then add even more chocolate drizzle or have them rolled in your choice of zippy candy sprinkles. For another tasty option, consider dipping them in creamy caramel to double your flavor fun.

Want the color orange but a different flavor? We can do that too. You can order traditional vanilla fortune cookies and have them dipped in our tinted chocolate party colors, which come in orange and a lighter peachy shade (above). Or go wild and order any color cookie and have that dipped in orange chocolate. (Minimum orders do apply on these cookies.)

Great picnic or party food, or just because you want to add some fun to your summer, our orange cookies will be a hit with your family and friends. For extra pizzazz, compose five free fortunes for a truly customized experience. Party on!

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