We Just Baked Half A Million Fortune Cookies!

You read that right…500,000 scrumptious fortune cookies, all for our client, Moorehead Communications, the company who manages all Verizon retail stores. While we routinely do large wholesale orders that are sent ‘round the world, this was the largest one in awhile. The logistics alone are staggering, but we’re up to the task. Trust me, that’s a LOT of ingredients to stockpile—a whole henhouse worth of eggs, for example.

big-order-fortune-cookiesMoorehead had us send our fortune cookies to all 304 stores all over the country for a new promotion this summer. (Split delivery is also one of our specialities.) We baked them in classic vanilla and Verizon red and filled them with custom fortunes that promote the great idea of rounding up your bill, with the difference donated to charity. Social media was built into the campaign, as the fortunes were designed to be hashtagged, tweeted, tumbled and facebooked.

Though we worked some long shifts and gave up a few weekends, we’re proud of our gourmet cookies and glad that our client is happy with them. Look for them at your local Verizon store.

Do you have a big event coming up that could be made more fun with custom fortune cookies? On larger orders, we can do all sorts of customizations, for example: making any color cookie in any flavor. Want a green cookie that tastes orange? We can do it (and we won’t question your reasoning, either). Need help with your fortunes? We have a staff writer ready to create memorable ones that are sure to make your event extra special.

Give one of our Customer Service Magicians a call, and they’ll be thrilled to help you make your event more fortunate. Toll free: 888-776-6611.

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