Live An Exciting Life… Through the Eyes of a Fortune Cookie

Do you wake up excited?

I sincerely hope so… It doesn’t have to be “big” things that wake you up and drive your feet to hit the ground, ready to attack the day. It’s little things. Little is big in todays culture, despite what mass media wants us to believe. They’re wrong.

Things that excite me daily:
The way the rising sunlight filters through the curtains in my bedroom.
The little sparkling specks that light reflect.

Knowing any second my little sugar plum, is going to come peeking in my bedroom and tuck herself and Soup the Cat in beside me…

Never knowing who you are going to meet throughout the day and that potential for a spark between you. Not romance, but genuine connection and affection that lights you up and brightens them too.

It was the touch of Mike Fry’s hand as we passed each other here, at Fancy Fortune Cookie’s bakery, during the day.
(If you have that love, you should always wake excited.)

Butterflies. Yeah, butterflies.

The way the breeze moves through the leaves in trees.

What’s an exciting life?

An EXCITING life is appreciating small but richly fulfilling daily interactions while simultaneously having a balance of longer term thrills.

Longer term excitement generated by trips, developing skills, exercise goals, business plans, writing a book, you know, those things you feel deep in your soul that you fear to let anyone else know.

The possibilities are endless... Really! But who wouldn't want to predict their own future with a tasty fortune telling device!

The possibilities are endless… Really! But who wouldn’t want to predict their own future with a tasty fortune telling device!

Me, I’m excited to start my day. Fortune cookies may not seem that thrilling, but I really do love what I do. I look at almost every order that comes through, and find the mystery behind them fascinates. Some are obvious, but no less remarkable. Like the birth announcement fortunes bringing joy into so many families lives! And the wedding favor fortune cookies that are the opening of a new story and the creation of a new family.

This custom fortune cookie order came through today, and I want to know the story! Being involved, just in a tiny way, in stories of lives, and loves and random thoughts excites me.

The Custom Fortunes:
• You will do important things in the world.
• You will have an amazing romance with the person sitting across from you.
• And don’t be concerned about the age difference. Just shut up and make out.
• The first man gets the oyster, and the second man gets the shell.
• Adventure can be real happiness.

The fortunes make me smile. They fill me with joy. It’s fun and creative and maybe I’m a little crazy, but I feel the love. Hopefully she does too, his sweetheart. I know that love, I’m blessed to have had that love, and I’m heartened to know that it’s still found and growing in the world. For me, I’m not just making fortune cookies I’m touching the world, one cookie, one magical memory at a time.

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean in Little River, CA.

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean in Little River, CA.


So wake up early just to watch the sun rise. Take that trip you’ve always dreamed and likely talked about. Hug your neighbor. Better yet hug your love, or kids! Smile. Smell the roses. Celebrate amazing things that happen in your life. Dance like no one’s watching, and if it turns out they are, congratulations! You’ve just touched their life and brightened a moment in the day. Life’s too short not to allow the little things to excite the hell out of you!

One thought on “Live An Exciting Life… Through the Eyes of a Fortune Cookie

  1. I am so inspired by this post! Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts. You have an incredible energy and excitement for life that I picked up on while reading. I too try to seek and savor the small treasures each day. I wake up excited to start the day, for no particular reason, just because each day has the potential to bring something really magical or memorable! I can’t imagine how it would feel to work in a business like you, where you assist in making special moments and memories in people’s lives. How cool that would be! Keep up the good work and fun fortunes!

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