It’s Your Lucky Day!

Who knew fortune cookies were Irish?
We did!

We’re baking up some good luck for you to share. Here at Fancy Fortune Cookies we’re always searching for reasons to celebrate, so of course we’re looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, March 17th. Now you may not see an obvious connection between the longstanding Irish holiday and fortune cookies, but there is.

There are many Irish traditions surrounding good luck, most prominently to do with shamrocks and four-leaf clovers, which are thought to promote good fortune. While the phrase “the luck of the Irish” often has an ironic connotation, one of its origins is in the California gold rush, where many Irishmen did, indeed, find their pot of gold.

Of course, fortune cookies are known for their hidden messages which are often read as oracles of the future and messages of good luck. This year we’ve collected a special batch of traditional Irish blessings and proverbs and adapted them to our fortune format (see below to read them all). We’re baking them into our yummy green apple and green mint cookies, which you can order with or without chocolate dipping. That would be the more festive choice, since then you can order them showered with lucky green candy shamrocks.

Our Jolly, Lucky Green Giant is stuffed full of surprises and Good Fortune!

Our Jolly, Lucky Green Giant is stuffed full of surprises and Good Fortune!

We’re aso baking a Jolly Green Giant full of surprises and we even have a $5 cookie gift that includes shipping and makes n easy way to share the fun and luck of the day with all your friends and family.

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