Hop To It…Beer Flavored Fortune Cookies

What do you get when a micro-brewery across the street from a fortune cookie bakery have one great idea? Beer Batter flavored fortune cookies of course! Fancy Fortune Cookies introduces their newest and most unconventional fortune cookie yet—the beer flavored fortune cookie. Fancy Fortune Cookies, which specializes in personalized fortune cookies, giant fortune cookies and flavored fortune cookies has teamed with neighboring Indianapolis microbrewery, Bier, to create this deliciously unexpected combination of local flavors.

Locally owned Bier has won numerous awards for their products including a recent silver medal in the World Beer Cup Belgian Dubbel Category. Although Bier offers a wide variety of brews, the beer of choice for the fortune cookie was Bier’s Weizengoot, a Germen Hefeweizen with a light banana undertone. Perfect for summer parties, it’s one of their most popular beers and what they’re known for around the city.


What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with Made in the Heartland Beer Batter Fortune Cookies? We can’t think of one. Beer Batter Fortune Cookies make decadent party favors or fabulous gifts for anyone looking for something truly original. Personalize them even further with five different messages—when ordered as a gift for one person, it’s fun to work their name into each message. Imagine how much fun these are at summer picnics, family reunions, birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds. So hop to it!

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