For Summer Fun Nothing Beats Crunchy Root Beer

That’s right, crunchy root beer flavored fortune cookies. The flavor fanatics at Fancy Fortune Cookies have been busy creating fun flavors for your summertime enjoyment. Whether you’re packing a special picnic, throwing a backyard barbecue or planning a resort retreat for your company—all of them will be more exciting when you serve summery gourmet cookies.

Artisan root beer is everywhere now, so chill some mugs, fill ‘em up with effervescent old-fashioned root beer and serve with our delicious root beer flavored fortune cookies for a wow-filled treat at your next summer party or event. Each one comes individually wrapped, and the second you pop one open, the unmistakable essence of root beer greets your nose. Biting into one of these caramel-colored delights will take you back to your childhood and happy days when studying a dandelion was the only thing on your agenda. Root beer fans will get a real charge out of these intensely flavored cookies and will marvel at how well the spicy soda pop translates to a cookie. Add your own custom fortunes and you’ll have a dessert your guests will never stop talking about. Perfect for kids’ parties and for kids of all ages.

All of our cookies are made with the finest, pure ingredients, and you can taste the quality in every single bite. That’s why our cookies are chosen again and again by corporations and celebrities for their special promotions.

Other great summery flavors include: lemon, orange, fruit punch, strawberry, raspberry, bubble gum and cherry. Order a dozen of each for a spectacular array of fun options. See all of our fantastic flavors here .

 Root Beer Flavored Fortune Cookies

  • 5 Personalized fortune cookie sayings included
  • Each fortune cookie message is 3 lines, 32 characters per line
  • Additional messages just $5.00 each
  • Personalized fortune cookies ship in 5-7 business days
  • Each fortune cookie is individually wrapped in clear cello


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