Mom Deserves Something Unique

We love to pamper mothers

What have you done for her lately? We’re betting that all the special mother and grandmother figures in your life have earned a special remembrance from you. Now that my daughter is old enough to make me something crafty all on her own, I look forward to this day. So obviously, we love to spoil moms here at the bakery. We have a gorgeous selection of Mother’s Day fortune cookies right here. (And it’s fast upon us, arriving on Sunday May 14.)

All of our Mother’s Day fortune cookies gifts come already baked with lovely sentiments about moms. (See sample fortunes, below.)

Whether you want to send her the world’s largest fortune cookie, or a beautifully packaged gift box of assorted cookies, we have something for every situation and budget. So go ahead and surprise Mom with something really different this year—especially if your other gift is a toaster!

Mother's Day gifts

Sample fortunes:

A mother always has to

think twice: once for herself

and once for her child.


A mom’s hug lasts long

after she lets go. Thanks!


You can fool some of the people

some of the time,

but you can’t fool Mom.


Biology is the least of what

makes someone a mother.

~Oprah Winfrey


There is no way to be a

perfect mother, and a

million ways to be a good one.


When you have a child, you

decide forever to let your heart

go walking outside your body.

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