A note about the special fortunes used by Fancy Fortune Cookies…

These aren’t flimsy little slips of paper—these fortunes are printed on durable, coated paper that is much heavier than the kind used in old-style cookies. Why does that matter? Quality. When you create your own fortunes for your guests or clients, you want to be sure they survive the baking process intact and legible. And you know what else? Lots of people like to save their fortunes as mementos of good times, and these fortunes will last for a very long time. Just another example of the attention to detail that goes into the creation of every batch of these American-made, gourmet cookies. Need more proof? Read this list of the Top 20 Reasons Why Smart Shoppers Trust Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Express yourself!

Few things are as much fun as cracking open a fortune cookie with a personalized message you created. With every order you get five–yes, 5–custom fortunes. We even have pages of suggestions for you to draw inspiration from. Don’t feel like writing messages? That’s okay, too. We also offer many different assortments pre-loaded with snappy fortunes.

10 thoughts on “Fortunes

  1. We would like to order fortune cookies to give to our clients as Thank you gifts. Do you have any ideas for Thank you messages and/or fortunes?

    Amy Shillander

  2. Thank you so much for the post Amy! And I am very sorry for the late reply! We haven’t been looking in on our blog the way we should.

    For corporate thank you gifts it’s always good to have a little fun. Especially since they are fortune cookies! So you could play off the word fortune and good fortune. Things like, “Consolidated Contracting is fortunate to have amazing customers like you!”, “May your buildings always be waterproof. Thank you for using Consolidated Contracting!”, “It was our good fortune to work with you in 2010! Consolidated Contracting 800-123-45678.”

    Please let me know if you would like me to pull anymore examples from our database and thank you again for the post!

  3. Hi!thinking about fortune cookies for a graduation party. Ant suggestions for the message I might use?

  4. Do you have message ideas for Mother’s Day? I tried the link for the custom fortune ideas…but found only wedding and baby shower options there. Not sure if I found the right place! Thanks

  5. We are a freelance court reporting business and give ‘thank you’ gifts to our clients at all different times of the year, and these clients are mainly secretaries/legal assistants, attorneys and paralegals.
    What kind of fun sayings can you come up with for this type of business utilizing your fortune cookies, more a combination of PR’g our Halma-Jilek Reporting business and having some fun sayings…that will make people smile!

    Thanks for your help)

  6. I’m considering an order or two to congratulate my nephew for earning his Eagle Scout. I need help with very witty, fun sayings that also show we’re very proud of him. Please help.

  7. Hi Dawn, What a great idea! After doing some research, here are some ideas for you:

    Eagle Scout fortune ideas

    Congratulations on becoming a world-class citizen. We are so proud of you, ____ (his name).

    (his name)____ , your perseverance and dedication to this goal are impressive. Congratulations on this great achievement.

    (his name)____ , as an Eagle Scout you will soar high in your life, spreading these leadership principles to all you meet.

    May you be blessed (his name)____ , with the keen vision, wisdom and stamina of your namesake eagle. Congratulations!

    Your hard work has paid off, (his name)____. We are so proud of your impressive accomplishment and know it will serve you well.

    As an Eagle Scout you have joined an elite group and set a course for yourself of high achievement and great purpose.

    (his name)____ , may you clutch your life goals in your grasp and pursue them with all the determination of an eagle.

    (his name)____ , you have set the highest standards for yourself and all those you will inspire in your life. Congratulations!

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