Still Time For Summer Fun

If you’ve got kids around this summer, we’ve got a fun idea for an outing. Pack a box of assorted fortune cookies in kid-friendly flavors for instant joy. Add some fun, personalized summery fortunes, and you’ll be the hero of the picnic. Each dozen comes with five free messages, so you can really have a great time with this. We … Read More

Erin Jump FryStill Time For Summer Fun

Cute Fortune Cookies for Kids

Here is a story I received from a customer earlier today. I really think it’s a great idea for any kind of kids party, especially birthday parties and class parties. Well, she can tell you better than I can! Thank you for the wonderful personalized Cherry flavored fortune cookies.My story: We adopted our daughter from China April 2005. On February … Read More

Erin Jump FryCute Fortune Cookies for Kids