A Unique Proposal

Let your cookies do your talking

Order a dozen fortune cookies in your intended’s favorite flavor or color and make each of your five messages represent a part of your proposal.

Your fortunes might:
• Be your top 5 reasons why you love her or him
• Be lyrics from your favorite love song
• Be your actual proposal, divided into 5 segments
• Be clues to where your love will find the rest of your proposal surprise

For this occasion, presentation is crucial, so plan what sort of special container you’ll put your precious cookies in.
Some ideas:

• A heart-shaped plate, dish or basket, which will surely become a treasured family heirloom.
• Go all out and have a silver plate engraved with part of your proposal, and present the cookies arrayed on that.
• A beautiful clear glass or crystal vase, perhaps with one or more silk roses or other flowers, with the individually wrapped cookies filling up the vase.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to remove the cellophane wrapping from each cookie before you place it in your container, be sure to WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to preserve the cookie’s fresh crispness. In humid climates, over time, the cookies will become soft, so keep them cunchylicious with this precaution.